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Computerland of Saginaw

Working as a systems specialist at Computerland gave me a great start in the field of computers.

  • I was there as every new technology rolled out
  • I helped manage the business and transform the industry
  • We were the first company to switch to solution selling

I worked with many great people in the area, The late great Robert S. Morley, The late great Chester R. Miller, Clarice Tosach and The late great Daniel Toshach, Paul and Mary Beard, Hank Pletcher, Pete Mikiten, Jim Conger, Ken Carter and I wish I had more room.

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I did many commercials and interviews while at Computerland. This was the roll out of a new laptop in 1986

Century Telephone

As Data Products Engineer, I designed Structured Wiring for customers including fiber. Also responsible for Computer and Telephone integration

  • Worked with Fiber,DSL,DS3, and T1 Technology
  • Installed Nortel Phone Systems
  • Installed the possibly the very first active xDSL service in Mid-Michigan

This job provided me with a great learning of Telephony. Here I learned all about Circuits and design, and how it all worked together. This experience really went well with my Computer and Networking background.

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Bresnan/Charter Communications

Installed the very first Mid-Michigan 2-way cable modem Internet Service in 1998 here in Bay City Michigan

  • Installed and Maintained Cisco Fiber Network System
  • Installed and Maintained Cisco Routing and Switching
  • Went from 0 Customers to over 300,000 customers in 3 years

As Technical Operations Manager I was responsible for building a Cable and Fiber Network system supporting over 150,000 customers in my Area.

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Speednet Wireless

As Technical Operations Manager I built and Maintained Michigans Largest Wireless Internet Services

  • Worked with Licesensed Frequencies
  • Wireless Internet Services
  • Telephony over Wirless Services

This was a great learning experience to add to my lifes work. I took the company from 1200 customers to over 9000 customers. I also saved the company from certain death by working for 2 weeks straight and never giving up on a problem that everyone thought was hopeless. This company was a turning point in my life and taught me that the 24x7x365 life was done for me. I no longer wanted to do this because it was taking me away from my family. So in 2009 I burned out and left this industry for good. I took charge of my own destiny. I am as happy as ever and having fun doing what I do best; helping companies with their IT needs.

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ComputerType Computer Services

Managing the IT needs of our customers 1 at a time, in ways that no other IT providers can

  • Computers all shapes speeds and sizes
  • Servers and Server Technologies
  • Networking and Software

As the owner of ComputerType Computer Services I manage many different kinds of networks, from Small Companies to Medium Size, never large. My goal is to never spread myself to thin as to always be available for my customers.

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