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Standard Rates $95.00 Per Hour Port to Port

Remote Support Rates $65.00 Per Hour

Server Monitoring, Antivirus, Remote Access, Asset Recording $25.00 Per Month Each Server (Paid Yearly)

Workstation Monitoring Antivirus, Remote Access, Asset Recording, $3.25 per month per workstation (Paid Yearly)

IT Backup Support for Technical Staff $95.00 Per Hour
Management Consulting for IE: Meetings, Consulting, Initial Setup of Software $100.00-$150.00 Per Hour

Our Standard Rate of $95.00 per hour usually applies in most circumstances. We invoice based on the half hour and round off accordingly. We don't charge you for short phone calls or quick questions etc. That would be silly.

Our relationship is based on how we work together, I am availble for all customers seeking real professional well trained help. There are items we can negotiate price on, but for the most part plan on spendng $75.00 per hour..

  • 30 Years Experience in the IT Field
  • I have received many certifications over the years
  • I am well known in the area as an honest, trustworthy, and hardworking person
  • We can have custom software written for you
  • Skilled in many software applications

I will be there to help you with your IT needs. We work hard to build a service with as little disruption as possible to you working. I can find you the best prices on the best services that fit your needs. Give us a shot and find out what we're made of.

  1. Security is our specialty
  2. Security Cameras
  3. Telephone Systems
  4. Convert Phone Fax into Email Fax Service
  5. My recent computer designs have made computing faster than ever