"One who becomes static like an IP address soon falls behind the rest of the world wide web" -Don Hamel-

Remote Management

Remote Managment has saved our customers time and money. Remote Managment allows you and us to monitor your computers and server 24x7x365, including Managed Antivirus, Remote Monitoring, and Secure Remote Access for help and doing presentations. All at a price you will not believe!!!. Being able to remote in to help you with your problems will save you money by eliminating onsite fees and travel time. .

Limited Customers

In todays world you need to be confident that when you call for service it will be performed in timely manner. The larger firms keep adding new technicians to their very large customer base and then you wait and may get a different person each time you call. We limit our customer base to a certain size and area this allows you to get timely service. You get me everytime, and I have a backup partner just in case I take a vacation :)

Who AM I?

My name is Don Hamel and I have vast experience in the Computers, Telephony, Cable/Wireless, and High End Equipment. I started working in the computer industry in 1984. I then moved to a large telephone company. Then on to a large cable company, then to the largest wireless internet company in Michigan. Then I went out on my own. I left every company to better myself and soon learned what made me happy was being my own boss. I went from 70-80 hours per week to normal hours. This gives me more time with my family and taking care of my customers.


We do not sell you hardware, only labor. We do however find you the best prices and you order the equipment and pay for it. We survive on labor, not hardware. You can also keep purchasing hardware from where you are comfortable, just let us know what you want to do so we can help you make the right purchase for the right job.

IT Services

We do everything from getting you connected to internet services, desktops, printers, software and servers. We can wire your building, or go wireless. Advanced or simple services. We will fix other peoples messes. We can also backup your current IT person just in case they want to go on vacation. I have built low end simple equipment to high end complex servers. I can talk tech talk, and translate into english for the rest of the world. (The difference between a used car salesman and an IT person is the used car salesman knows when he is lying). We don't know it all, but we can learn very quickly from years of experience.

Professional Services

Years ago throughout the world we could see products dominating the marketplace. Apart from lawyers, accountants, and doctors nobody really offered professional services. Then somthing happened and people started expecting more personalised services and solutions that became harder and harder to cram into pre-created computers and wrapped off the shelf products. So the computer service era was born. The selection of an IT consultant providing professional services usually depends on skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics and creativity. Prices for services in the same field vary greatly. Some professional IT service providers give a fixed rate for services, while others define a price only after assessing the work involved. When you have a person with over 30 years in his field you get quick fast results saving you time and money at a flat rate.

  • Average Work Areas

    We take pride in our work, keeping cables out of your way. We work with whatever you want from pristine to normal.

  • New Technologies

    We try and keep up with the latest and greatest. and lets face it you may hear about it before we do, but we always look for better ways to make your life easier.

  • Long Relationships

    We strive at keeping customers, every customer I've had since I've started still calls me. Some work so well that I never hear from them for months or even a year until they need something. We work hard at making things work so you don't have to call us all the time, but we're there if you want too :).

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